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Napa Mustang Days

June 12 - 14, 2015 - Wild Horses are coming to Napa! 

BLM Wild Horse & Burro Adoption:
Adopt a healthy, trainable young Mustang or Burro from the Bureau of Land Management

Adopt a Saddle-Trained Horse from
Rio Cosumnes Correctional Facility's new Wild Horse Training Program

  • Training Clinics

  • Food

  • Vendors

  • Tack Swap

The Napa Valley Horsemen's Association presents "Unbranded, the Film"
in support of Napa Mustang Days:
6 PM on Friday, June 12,
$15 donation includes pizza, 5 PM Saturday: $10 donation  includes popcorn and a soft drink.
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"Junior Explorer"


Do something wild!
Come out to the Napa Valley Horsemenís Association June 12, 13, and 14
for Napa Mustang Days! 

Napa Mustang Days offers the public a day to come out, enjoy horses, and celebrate our proud equestrian history. 

Napa Mustang Days combines an adoption of wild horses and burros gathered off public lands by the Bureau of Land Management, saddle trained horses from the new wild horse training program at Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center, training demonstrations by wild horse experts, and a Saturday afternoon showcase featuring exciting equine entertainment - all in a country fair atmosphere complete with vendor booths, barbecue, and food and drinks. 

This year we are excited to offer two screenings of the eagerly-awaited new adventure documentary, Unbranded! Friday at 6:00PM ($15 donation includes pizza and soft drinks) and 5:00 PM on Saturday ($10 donation includes popcorn and soft drinks).

On Friday afternoon the wild horses and burros arrive. On Saturday, the adoption of wild ones starts at 9 AM, the saddle trained horses start at 12:30 AM, and the arena showcase is at 1 PM. After the show, stay and watch our great trainers.

We have Lesley Neuman, a perennial favorite from Oregon, Fred Woehl, an experienced Mustang trainer who performs at Branson, Missouri, and Lena Haug of Sebastopolís Windhorse Ranch.

For those whose Mustangs have long since been gentled, we are focusing on the hottest, fastest-growing horse activity, Cowboy Dressage. Krista Koenig and David Kneller of Arroyo Grande, CA, and Cherie Cross and Sarah Dickenson of Marin County will provide several demos and mini-clinics throughout the weekend. Sunday the BLM adoption continues, as do non-stop training and riding demos.

Donít miss out! Mark your calendar now for Napa Mustang Days, June 12, 13, and 14, at the Napa Valley Horsemenís Association at 1200 Foster Road, here in Napa.

Our Mission:

  • To offer the public a fun day in the country, to reconnect with Napa County's rural roots and our country's proud equestrian history

  • To encourage successful adoption of wild horses and burros who have been removed from public lands

  • To offer the public a chance to meet horses and donkeys in a friendly, fun setting; To learn about equines and to inspire people to appreciate and care about them.

  • To offer education and training assistance to adopters of wild equines (horses, mules & donkeys)

Napa Mustang Days is a bi-annual event, produced in partnership between Napa Valley Horsemen's Association and the Bureau of Land Management.  


Napa Mustang Days is all volunteer, but there are expenses involved in producing it. If you would like to help out, please consider making a donation toward our expenses.

June 14, 15, & 16, 2013
Napa Valley Horsemen's Association
1200 Foster Road
Napa, CA 94559

For information about adopting, call 1-866-4MUSTANGS

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Celebrate America's
Wild Horses & Burros

3 days of action, education, and
Fun for the whole family!
Meet friendly horses & burros
up close and personal

Lena Haug
Lesley Neuman
Fred Woehl

Watch and learn from all of them!

Saturday Afternoon Showcase:

Enjoy performing horses showing the trainability and versatility of horses.

3 Days of  Excitement, Education & Fun For the Whole Family

Thanks to the Mustang Heritage Foundation


Farmers & Merchants Bank of Central California

 for their help toward the expenses of producing this event  

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