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Wild horses at a BLM adoption in Napa, CA

About Us

Napa Mustang Days began in 2007, when a group of Mustang and Burro enthusiasts got together to plan a public "Meet and Greet." The Bureau of Land Management offered to bring horses and burros for adoption to the event, performers and trainers were lined up, and the three-day event was born.

The primary goal of Napa Mustang Days is to celebrate America's wild horses and burros, to promote successful adoption of those who have been removed from public lands, to educate horse enthusiasts about good horsemanship, and to educate the public, both adopters and people who may never be able to adopt, about these wonderful animals. Napa Mustang Days also has a goal of providing the public the opportunity to get "up close and personal" with horses and donkeys, to enjoy watching them perform, and to protect and promote Napa's long-standing equestrian culture and history.

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